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How SEO Increases Business Volume for Online Stores

About The Company

True Vintage is Europe’s Leading Online Vintage Retailer based in the UK. They source and sell premium branded vintage clothing worldwide through their online store.


Being a renowned name in the world of vintage clothing, True Vintage had been generating significant sales through their online store well before we reached them. However, upon quick analysis, we found that most of the organic traffic coming to the website was through branded search queries on Google and other search engines.

We proposed a planned SEO campaign in order for True Vintage’s website to appear on top SEPRs on gerenalized search queries related to vintage clothing. Since True Vintage online store offers shipping across the globe, one of the major challenges was to get the web pages ranked on all major countries for general searches.

Our Approach

First, we carried out a keyword analysis and researched the search volume for terms from the subject area.

We are looking for the answer to the question: How do interested parties actually look for our customer's service? This can either be exactly the term that the customer himself has in mind. Often, however, one's own view of the topic is too specific or simply different from that of the end customer.

In our example, the combination “vintage clothing” was entered most frequently. We concentrated our work on this so-called focus search term.

After preparing an approved list of more than 140 keywords, we started our SEO campaign for True Vintage. Starting from technical and On-page optimization, all the way through high-quality off-page link building, we ensured every possible measure for the website to get ranked on the top pages of search engines.

The Result

By the end of the first six months of the campaign, there was an improvement in the following parameters as a result of our SEO campaign.




New Users






Bounce Rate


Traffic from UK

One of the major reasons behind this surge in numbers is due to the fact that the website is ranking on several of the highly search keywords in the niche, including:

  • Vintage Clothing
  • True Vintage Clothing
  • Sport Vintage Clothing
  • Vintage Branded Clothes
  • Nike Retro T Shirt
  • Vintage Jackets
  • Vintage Track Jackets
  • Retro Jackets
  • Vintage Sports Jacket
  • Vintage T-shirts
  • Vintage Hoodies

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